Vyvanse – An Alternative ADHD Medication to Help Treat ADHD

Vyvanse, also known as Vyvanse, is an ADHD medication that is available as a prescription pill and over-the-counter supplement. It is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and comes in several different flavors. Vyvanse contains Metadrugal which is the main ingredient. Vyvanse works to relieve ADHD symptoms by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for controlling energy, mood, sexual function, and movement.

Vyvanse isn’t covered by Medicare or any other federal health program. However, there are several generic versions of Vyvanse available for purchase. The generic Vyvanse capsules for sale come in two dosages which are greater than the dose used by physicians in order to treat ADHD. Many people choose to buy vyvanse online because it is easier to find the right dosage when you shop from the convenience of your own home.

How Does Vyvanse Work?

Vyvanse works as an ADHD medication because it contains an ingredient that blocks the transporter protein found in the brain which is responsible for the transfer of dopamine into the patient’s brain. Vyvanse capsules for sale contain no artificial ingredients which make them safe for healthy children and adults of all ages. Vyvanse also works extremely quickly when it is used as directed. As soon as you finish taking the recommended dosage, Vyvanse will usually start to work almost immediately and most people notice a difference in their symptoms within the first few hours of use.

Vyvanse can be extremely useful as an alternative to traditional ADHD medications. When you compare it to Ritalin or the other popular prescription medication for ADHD, Vyvanse seems to have a much lower potential for abuse and dependence. In addition, it is a non-stimulant, which means that it does not affect nor cause drowsiness or sleepiness like some other medications on the market do. Vyvanse also has no known side effects, which is another great benefit as well. Vyvanse for use as an alternative ADHD medication can be very helpful for parents who want to give their child the benefit of a traditional medication while still being able to offer him or her effective, safe ways to cope with problems which often accompany ADHD.


Vyvanse can be much more affordable than other ADHD medications. Vyvanse may even be less addictive than some other prescription drugs. Vyvanse is very easy to mix as well, so parents don’t have to worry about administering Vyvanse in an inappropriate fashion. Vyvanse may even be of some help to your child who suffers from a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Vyvanse may even be helpful for children who are suffering from another condition called binge eating disorder. Because Vyvanse helps control your child’s moods, he or she may be less likely to engage in destructive behavior once the medication is discontinued. Vyvanse may even be helpful to teens who suffer from bipolar disorder, or depression, as it is a mood stabilizer.


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